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  Meet the Foundation Stage team:



     Mrs Mould               Mrs Watkins            Mrs Hodgetts

 Foundation Stage Leader                  Foundation Stage Teacher              Foundation Stage Teacher




      Mrs Roughton             Mrs Mastin                Mrs Hatch

 Foundation Stage HLTA                    Foundation Stage HLTA                     Foundation Stage TA


If you concerns please contact Mrs Mould, who is our Foundation Stage leader.  You can do this by coming into school, telephoning or by email.





Our Magical Nativity at Chatsworth

Kindness leaves

Balancing Act

Balancing Act 1 We've run out of stepping stones!
Balancing Act 2 Problem solving - what comes next?
Balancing Act 3 Is everyone balanced?
Balancing Act 4 The children built their own obstacle course.
Balancing Act 5 They decided it needed to be one way!
Balancing Act 6 King of the castle!

Waterfall Fun in the Garden

Superheroes to the rescue!

Wedding Day