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I'm sure you'll agree, Blue did a fantastic job in their class assembly. Thank you to Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Friends and Carers for helping the children to learn their lines, it was lovely to see so many of you there.



Year 2 have enjoyed becoming Scrooge for the week and writing their own diaries. There has been brilliant writing all round, with the children using adjectives, verbs and punctuation to describe what they, as Scrooge, heard, saw and felt.



The children have been working hard with their division and multiplication this week.



Can you work out the answer to this word problem by sharing?

Jack has 25 cakes. He has 5 friends round to play and wants to give each friend the same amount of cakes. If he shares them equally between his friends, how many will each one have?


This week we will be making our own Victorian Toy Puppet Theatres. Please remember to bring in any empty shoe boxes!



Blue Class News


Week commencing 13/11/17


What an exciting couple of weeks!

Dinosaurs invading our school, missions from Spy Kids HQ and we begun our journey back in time to the Victorian era!


Class Assembly:

This week we are very excited about welcoming parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends to watch our first class assembly!

Please join us on Tuesday 14th November at 9am in the school hall!



We have begun learning about multiplication.

We know that this sign: X means "lots of",  "multiply" or "times" and we are getting very good at using it to make our own multiplication calculations.


Challenge: What do the numbers in the 5 X table always end in?

                 What about the 10 X table?


Challenge: Can you count in 3's?


Challenge: Can you draw an array for this calculation:

                 3 X 5 =


This week we are looking at division and the link between dividing and multiplying.



In Literacy we will be reading our Class Book - A Christmas Carol and getting to know the different characters.






Blue Class News


Week Commencing 31st October

What an exciting and very busy half term we have had! 

In the first couple of weeks we will be finishing of our Dinosaur topic and practicing for our class assembly.

As we go into the new term we look forward to beginning our new topic 'A Victorian Christmas'. 

I am looking forward to hearing what you know about our new author,  Charles Dickens!

Image result for charles dickens





Week Commencing 9th October

This week we visited All Saints Church to practice for our

Harvest Festival.

We also enjoyed learning more about the history of the church from our fabulous tour guide Mr. Paige and about the different features of a church.

We had great fun finding and identifying the different objects and places in the church.



Blue Class' brilliant photographer captured some fabulous images of these key objects, places and features to help us; thank you BB!





The beautiful stained glass windows

Week Commencing 2nd October

This week we have become poets.

We have used our pterodactyls to help us create some brilliant rhyming dino poetry!


We have begun creating our dinosaur habitats.

We will be continuing with these over the coming week; I can't wait to see how they all turn out!


This week we will be practicing for our Harvest Festival.

Image result for singing children



In maths we will be adding and subtracting two digit numbers and using different methods to solve number problems.

Challenge: Can you tell your adult the two rules of addition and subtraction?


We are also working hard on our spellings of our numbers. Please keep practicing these at home!

Remember our grumpy teenagers all start with a 1...older people like drinking Image result for cup of tea


14 = fourteen

40 = forty




We have worked so hard to  create our very own dinosaur non-fiction books. We really enjoyed being able to share them with our adults on Friday. They are now proudly displayed in our Dinosaur corner for those adults that didn't get a chance to have a look at them last week.


In Maths we have been looking at addition and working on our number bonds to 20 and 100.


Challenge: Can you write all the number bonds to 20?

Challenge: Fill in the missing number 16 + __ = 20

Tricky Challenge: 60 + __ = 100


In Literacy we have started to look at poetry.

We loved reciting "King of all the Dinosaurs" and becoming performers for the day.


We will continue with dinosaur poetry this coming week.










We had a brilliant time on our school trip. 

We learnt more about the Sikh Gurdwara and Hindu Mandir and enjoyed food tasting and making diva lamps.


Take a look at our photos to see what we got up to.


A big thank you to the Mums and Dads who joined us for the day...we couldn't have done it without you!


Both Blue and Indigo were brilliant and showed real respect for the places of worship on our visit. 


Well done year 2, you really did All Saints proud!